Our Products

Shampoo & Conditioner

We don’t cut corners with our service or our products – we use only the best and only Australian Made!


We use Petway range of Shampoo and Conditioners.

Petway Petcare Grooming Products are adjusted and buffered to generally be 5.5 – 6.5 pH. Traditional soap products are alkaline by nature (pH 9 – 9.5) and thus tend to be rather harsh on skin and hard to completely rinse. All of our products are naturally based, soap free, bio-degradable, free of phosphates and parabens, animal cruelty-free and environmentally responsible. The are also Australian Made and Owned.

Smiley Dog Organic Premium Range

Our Premium of Organic 100% Australian made products are available as an upgrade option and for sale in our retail store.

Soap free Shampoo with certified organic Rosehips extract is formulated to re-hydrate and repair dry skin areas and soothe sensitive skin. Addition of Dark Australian Honey cleanses and re-conditions the coat beautifully. Blended Mango fragrances provides a fruity, pleasing aroma which lingers long after the wash. Suitable for use with long-term Flea control treatments. Ingredients: LOW SUDS, SLS & SLES free (soap free), natural Coconut Oil derived shampoo base contains: certified organic Rose Hips extract, Dark Australian Honey, Glycerine and Mango fragrances. Biodegradable, pH balanced for animals.

We also use the Lavendar and Chamomile for sensitive skin and puppies!

FOR PUPS AND SENIORS Smiley Dog® Organic Chamomile & Lavender soap free and tear-less Shampoo is formulated to provide a thorough and gentle wash for all Dogs including Puppies and Senior Dogs. Chamomile extract is well known for its’ anti-inflammatory properties to replenish and soothe the skin and Lavender oil has a low-key, calming aroma. Suitable for use with long-term Flea control treatments. Ingredients: LOW SUDS, SLS & SLES free (soap free), natural Coconut Oil derived shampoo base contains certified organic Chamomile extract, high quality French Lavender Oil, Lavender fragrance and Glycerine. Biodegradable, pH balanced for animals.


We use the Smiley Dog Organic range – also available for purchase in our retail store.

REFRESHES COATS & BEDS Description: Smiley Dog® Chamomile & Lavender Pet Cologne is formulated to neutralise ‘wet coat’ and other unpleasant pet odours. No propellant. Ingredients: Aqua, Lavender fragrance and certified organic Chamomile extract. Biodegradable.

Shine Serum

We like to finish our dogs with Magic Tails Shine Serum.

Spray Shine can be applied to a finished style or to aid in the combing/brushing of the coat or hair. It is non-oily, helps detangle, reduces static and repels dirt, dust and grime. It’s great for that quick instant shine.

Benefits of SprayShine:

*Detangles (knot free)
*Reduces static
*Helps repels dirt, dust and grime
*Non oily
*Gives instant shine
*Helps reduced frizz
*Concentrated formula – only a small amount is necessary to achieve the desired result on most coats or tails


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