What is cage drying?


ED-F860Cages-pgMany groomers use cage dryers, which is essentially placing a wet or towel dried dog in a cage where a drying unit is attached and leaving them to dry. The cage dryer allows the groomer to complete the drying with out sitting there with a hand dryer and spending 20 to 30 mins drying them. This way they can begin on the next dog while this dog dries.  Groomers use this as they can groom many more dogs in a day (ie make more money!)

 What are the dangers?
  • Burns
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Heat stroke
  • Death
  • Small, short-haired dogs or those with short snouts – which make it harder to breathe – shouldn’t be put in a drying cage or should be closely monitored

Here is a video which demonstrates temperatures inside the cage

Most issues are a result of staff negligence and/or heated cage dryers.  There are many different kinds of cage dryers. Many are perfectly safe and will never injure a pet. Others can and do injure and even kill dogs. You should check what a salon’s policy is on cage drying before you book in your dog.

Non heated cage dryers are safer and many groomers have been using them for years with no incidents. However we believe there is still risk where a dog is not supervised 100%.

Click here to view some dangers explained

Why don’t we like it?

We don’t think being put wet in a cage and having air blown at you is a pleasant experience and we wouldn’t do it to our dogs – so we wont do it to yours!

We also don’t believe it is 100% safe and we don’t take any risks with the safety of our dogs.

Benefits of hand drying
  • The end result is better when hand dried
  • The groomer is with your dog the entire time
  • The groomer can spot lumps, skin tags, moles
  • 100% safe – no need to worry about improper use of cage dryer and risk potentially injury
  • We believe hand drying provides a much more positive emotional experience





Petco says ‘no heat’ used in cage dryer that family claims killed golden retriever


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